Balloontroplios is a Land in Universal Studios Orlando and Singapore a Macy's Parade Theme Park that opened in 2006 and in Singapore in 2008 It's one of the biggest land in the resort

Rides in all parks Edit

  • Snoopy's Flying Beagles
  • Sonic's Spin-ball
  • Thomas' Train ride
  • Wiggleworm's Chew-Chew Train
  • Spongebob's Pineapple Coaster
  • Wimpy Kid's Swing of Wimpy ness (Formerly Curios George's Jungle Swing)
  • Spiderman 4D
  • Fin and Jake's Ooo Log Fume
  • Hello Kitty's Cupcakes Spinners
  • Red and Yellow's M&M's Splash Zone
  • Paddigtion's Tour Bus (Formerly Hortan's Animal Jeeps)
  • Gardfield's Lazgana Karts
  • Pikachu's Express Way
  • Mr Potato Head's Farm Ride

Rides that are exclusively at Orlando Edit

  • Curios George's Zoo
  • Red Ranger's Moogers Attack
  • Papa Smurf's Crazy Carts

Rides that are exclusively at Singapore Edit

  • Dexter's Lab
  • Wild Thing's Island Tour
  • Babe's Loopy Farm Coaster
  • The Cat in the Hat (Same thing in Orlando's Version)

Trivia Edit

The rides are based on character's who flied in the Macy's Parade in the past and present

This is the new route of the Macy's Holiday Parade 2015's changes

There's going to be a Balloontroplios in Hollywood and a new theme park outside Universal Studios in Moochine,NJ where the Macy's Studios

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