Scarezone: Edit

  • Port of Evil (Port of Entry)- Meet the Caretaker and the Minions as they torture Victims.
  • Vercetti-Ville (Seuss Landing)- Based on Geo's World Villain In Geo's 1st Movie, Doom Vercetti finally Won And Has Kidnaped Geo Guy Green Bob, Wally, Lumpy,  Gum, Lara, Coraline, Geo Guy 2, Doctor, and Dr. PBS,Doom Vercetti rules 123 Geo's World And All The Imaginary Freends At Foster's s are Locked inside the House.and Doom Vercetti release some fearest creatures.
  • Island under Siege (Marvel Super Hero Island)- Venom has defeated all superheroes and free all the Villains and the City is under Attack.
  • Treaks or Pizza (Toon Lagoon)- The. Five Night's At Freddy's Animatronics - Take over Toon Lagoon and scare guests in two.
  • JP Extinction (Jurassic Park)- The Power is out, the gatesare down, and The Dinosaurs roams Free, and a Strange Creature, Dino-Man.
  • The Island of Evil Souls (The Lost Continent)- The Dragons, ghostly creatures and Demons are roaming free the Island.

Haunted House: Edit

  • Scream House (Soundstage 20)- Enter to Caretaker's burnt-out Victorian mortuary, Where his victims haunt guests who may soon become permanent residents.
  • Evilution Vercetiti (Seuss Landing Soundtstage) Enter to Doom Vercetti's Secret Hideout, where The Imaginary Friends Kidnaped Are At, and the PX41 Minons will attack you!
  • Scary Tales 2  ( Bilge Rat Barges Queue)-  Enter To This World Of Twisted FairyTales
  • Ultimate Venom (Venom Warehouse)- Enter to Venom's Secret Hideout, where the bodies of Superheroes are strung up as Trophies, and the Villains will attack you!
  • Project Evilution (Triceratops Discovery Trails)- Walk to Jungle where the Dino-Man will attack you!
  • Eight Legged Freaks (Thunder Falls Terrace)- Based on the film of the same name, Afraid of Spiders? Enter to Lab, Where a Giant Mutated Spiders will eat You alive!