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the main Houses and scarezones for universal studios hollywood's halloween horror nights land of terror would be: mazes:                                                                                                                                                          The blair witch project [Soundstage 474]                                                                                                       The Purge Fear The Night  [Mummy ride Queue                                                                                                     Evil Dead 3 Army Of Darkness [Where El Cucuy Was ]                                                                                           TOTAL DARKNESS  [House of Horrors]                                                                                                               Terror Tram: Invaded By The Purge [studio tour]                                                                                                     A  American Werewolf In London [Jurassic park extended Queue]                                                                       The Walking Dead Fear the living [Where the Walking Dead No safe haven maze was at]                             scarezones:[ The Land Of Terror]                                                                                                                   show: Bill and Teds excellent halloween adventure [Castle Theater]                                                                      And The BackLot Experince The Wasteland

Last notleathe pizza

muwhahahahahahahahah editing this is fun blah blah blah The Walking Dead Rules OH YE tried to haunt me in my sleep b

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