Islands of Adveture in The United Kindom is very similar to the one in Orlando, only it's dedicated to Brtiain's myths, classic stories, TV shows and movie francies.

The Islands 

Dioagon Alley/The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Rides and Attractions: Harry Potter and the Forbiden Journey, The Flight of the Hippogriff, The Forbidden Chalenge. 

Restuarunts: The Leakey Cauldron, The Three Broomsticks, The Bore's Head.

Shows: Defense Against the Dark Arts

The Enchanted Forest 

Rides and Attractions: Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland, Peter Pan: The Flight to Neverland, The Wind in the Willows, The Enchanted Forest Play Area. 


Rides and Attractions: Dragon's Lair, Labryinth of the Minotaur, The Oddesy. 

Restuarunts: The Holy Grail Pub

Shows: Merlin's Magic, Tournament of Camelot, Robin Hood: The Battle of Sherwood. 

The Lost World 

Rides and Attractions: The Lost World River Expedition, Journey to the Center of the Earth. 

The Haunted Moors 

Rides and Attractions: Dracula: Castle of the Undead, The Vampire Bat, Van Helsing's Monster Slayers Academy, Curse of The Werewolf, Spring Heeled Jack: The Terror of London.

Restuaunts: The Ten Bells, The Slaugthered Lamb 

Shows: Phantom Theater, Frankenstien's Laboratory 

Science Fiction City 

Rides and Attractions: Wars of the Worlds, From Earth to the Moon, Doctor Who: An Adventure in Time and Space. 

Restaunts: Cosmic Cafe.