Sonic Adventure
Sonic Adventure

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Universal's Islands of Adventure Carolina.

Universal's Islands of Adventure Willamsburg.

Universal's Islands of Adventure Kentucky

Universal Studios Detroit


SEGA Green Hill Zone City.

Opening Date:

UIOFAW June 24,2003. UIOFAK April 5, 2004. UIOFAC May 22, 2004. USD June 24,2004.

Attraction Type:

4D Dark Ride, Simulator Ride


Infitec (2012-present)

Sonic Adventure is a attraction At Universal's Islands of Adventure Carolina ,Universal's Islands of Adventure Willamsburg. And Universal's Islands of Adventure Kentucky located in SEGA Green Hill Zone City. Opened in May 22, 2004. (along with Islands of Adventure park)

the attraction is a hybrid ride combining special roving motion vehicles with 3D projection, elaborate physical sets, and both practical and tactile effects.

This attraction is based on Sonic Adventure.

On May 22, 2012, Universal announced that Sonic Adventure will recieve a Major refurbishment, with 4K High-Definition Projection Screen,With plans to Re-master the entire ride film in High definition update the ride's mechanics, replace the film Projectors with Infitec digital projectors



While Guests enter to Emerald Coast train Station, that have 4 TV Screens that show news that Chaos is on the Loose.

Ride Experience:Edit

While donning a Night Vision Google (3D Glasses), Guests sits in a Vehicle, and leave the station, and Guests encounter Sonic, as the run and Jump on the Vehicle and talk to Guests that must help Sonic to stop Chaos and Dr. Eggman, and be Careful and Sonic run Away. As Guests move to Street where Chaos is Attacking Guests, But Sonic stop Him. and then Guests enter to Eggman's Lab, and Dr. Eggman feed a Chaos Emerald and turn into Chaos 2, and hurl Guests in the Air, and Guests Fall, But Tails in Tornado Plane saves Guests and Sonic attack Chaos 6 and Chaos 6 attacking Guests with his Tails and Sonic defeat Chaos 6, and Guests move to next Scene, that Sonic thanks Guests to defeat Chaos, and then Perfect Chaos appear and Sonic jumps and waters appear that send Guests to a rapids and then send in the Air and then Falls on a 400-Foot (120 m.) Free-fall until is rescued by Super Sonic, and Super Sonic stops Perfect Chaos and Perfect Chaos is defeated and Super Sonic becomes Sonic, and he thanks Guests to stop Chaos, and the Vehicle returns to Loading Docks.