Universal's Island of Adventure Kentucky is located next to Universal Studios Kentucky. Opened in April 5, part of the 10th Anniversary Celebration.

Areas Edit

Current Edit

Port of Entry - Main Entrance of the park Opened: April 5 2004

Seuss Landing -  An Area Themed to Dr Seuss.Opened: April 5 2004

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter:Hogsmede.- TPA Opened:July 11, 2011.

My Little Pony Land - TBA. Opened on August 21, 2013.

Jurassic Park - An area themed to Steven Spielberg's 1993 film.Opened: April 5 2004.

Acres of Monsters -  A sub-area In Jurassic Park based on the MonsterVersemovie franchise and only one attraction based on Peter Jackson's King Kong film.Opened On May 15, 2018.

Toon Lagoon- An area themed to cartoons.Opened: April 5 2004.

Marvel Super Hero Island - An area themed to Marvel Superheroes.Opened: April 5 2004.

Sega Green Hill Zone City - An area themed to Sonic The Hedgehog.Opened: April 5 2004.

Super Nintendo World - A Expanded Area based on Nintendo games like "Pokémon" "Splatoon" and "Animal Crossing" Opened: July 6, 2017.


    • The Medieval Kingdom - an area themed around the medieval time. Opened on April 5 2004. Closed on April 10, 2010. Replaced by The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and My Little Pony Land.

Rides, Attractions, Annual Entertainment, and Restaurants Edit

Port Of Entry Edit

The first section as an entry of the park. In there, guest can walk around the  village with shops, dinning, entertainment.


Universal's Island's Of Adventure Souvenirs – a souvenir store located at the exit of Universal Islands Of Adventure theme park. It sells toys, postcards, books, clothing, hats, accessories, cameras, DVDs, soundtracks, snacks, etc.

Minion-Adventure - a small store which sells merchindise of the yellow minions from Dispicable Me franchise dressing up as Characters From Islands Of Adventure .

Universal's Islands Of Adventure Photoshop – a photo store.

Exotic Jewelry – a jewelry store.


Darwin’s – a restaurant named after a famous English naturist and geologist Charles Darwin and it serves various foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, steaks, sandwiches, chicken, etc. Theme: Charles Darwin 

Beastly Feast – an outdoor café restaurant serving various foods.

Snacks & drinks

Adventure Snack Market – an outdoor snack stand serving drinks, pretzels, cinnamon sticks, ice creams, candies, potato chips, cookies, candies, etc.

  • Starbucks - A coffee shop.
  • Auntie Anne's Pretzels - A Pretze Shop
  • Cinnabon - TPA.


Woody Woodpecker, Winnie Woodpecker, and Chilly Willy TPA You Can Add More.

Seuss Landing. Edit

The Second section of the park Map info: Step inside through pages to the world of beloved Dr. Seuss' storybook classics and characters come to live, filled with the series colorful whimsical attractions that're fun for young and young-in-heart.


Oh the Stories You'll Hear! - a stage show where one of the best Dr. Seuss stories come to life. Map Info: Experience the world of beloved stories of Dr. Seuss, starring your favorite Seuss charatcers.Opened:June 24,2003.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish - a aerial carousel-style ride based on the book of the same name. Map Info: Take a musical spin around the sky in this musical ride Opened:June 24,2003.

The Cat in the Hat - A Trackless dark ride based on the book of the same name. Map Info: Take a zany ride with The Cat in the Hat. Theme: TBA. Height restriction: 36". Universal Express available?: Yes. Attraction type:  A Trackless dark ride. Opened:June 24,2003.

Lorax's Tree Park - a playground based on the 2012 movie. Map Info: Play and explore through the world of nature, guarded by the Lorax, who speaks for the trees. Sponsored by: The Coca-Cola Company Opened:June 13,2013.

Caro-Seuss-el - a carousel with various creatures from the books of Dr. Seuss. Map Info: Take a gentle spin around on to the colorful Seussain creatures. Opened:June 24,2003.

The High In Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride - TPA Opened: June 24,2003.


Seuss Store - a store where various books from Dr. Seuss as well as some merchandise products can be bought.

Cats, Hats, and Things - a clothing store based on the Cat in the Hat.

Mulberry Street Store


Green Eggs & Ham - a small restaurant.

Circus McGurkus Cafe Stoo-pendous. - TPA

Snacks and drinks

Moose Juice, Goose Juice - a drink stand.

Hop on Pop Ice Cream Shop - an ice cream stand.

Snookers & Snookers Sweet Candy Cookers

'How the Grinch stole Ice Cream - 'a Ben & Jerry's ice cream stand which also sells candy canes and gingerbread during Christmas.


The Cat In The Hat The Grinch Sam I am And The Lorax.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter:Hogsmeade. Edit

The third section based on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter book series and Warner Bros.' Harry Potter film franchise. Theme: Harry Potter book and film series 

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter:Hogsmeade. Edit Edit

The third section based on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter book series and Warner Bros.' Harry Potter film franchise. Theme: Harry Potter book and film series 


Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey - a dark ride. Map info: TBA. Theme: Harry Potter. Height restriction: 48”. Universal Express available?: Yes. Attraction type: dark ride Opened:July 7, 2009 Professor Snape's School of Potions - a small interactive attraction in which visitors create a potion from a variety of ingredients. Universal Express available?: Yes Opened: July 7, 2011 

Flight of the Hippogriff - a family roller coaster based on a hippogriff. Theme: Harry Potter's hippogriff Universal Express available?: Yes Opened: July 7, 2011  

Dragon Challenge - a dueling inverted coaster similar to other Dragon Challenge coasters in other Universal parks. Theme: Harry Potter dragons  Universal Express available?: Yes Opened: June 22,2003.Triva: The Different To The Islands Of Adventure Florida  Version Is That This One Still Dueling. Note This Ride Was Formley At The Medieval Kingdom Where It Was Known As Dulling Dragon 

Hogwarts Express Hogwarts Express - a transporting people mover train attraction located in Universal's Williamsburg Resort  It transports visitors between Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Williamsburg and Hogsmeade at Universal's Islands Of Adventure Williamsburg. Map info: TPA. Theme:  Harry Potter book and film series.


Ollivanders - a store which sells the replicas of wands from the Harry Potter films.Opened:July 7, 2011

Filch's Emporium of Confiscated Goods – a gift store which sells toys, Harry Potter books, apparel, movie prop replicas, chess sets, and other treasures. Theme: Harry Potter Opened:July 7, 2011

Borgin and Burkes - TBA Opened:

Magical Menagerie - TBA Opened:


Three Broomsticks – a restaurant which serves salads, fish & chips, shepherd's pie, soup, salads, Butterbeer, etc. Theme:  Harry Potter Opened:July 7, 2011    

Snacks and drinks

    • Sweets from Honeydukes – a candy and snack store. Opened:July 7, 2011

Former Edit

 The Medieval Kingdom  Edit

Theme to a Medieval Times of the same name. Theme: Medieval Opening date:  June 24,2003.Closing date: April 10, 2010. Replaced by:The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Hogsmede.and My Little Pony Land.

The Medieval Kingdom Edit

    • Dueling Dragons - TBA
    • Flying Unicorn - TBA
    • Elves' Cabin - TBA
    • TPA

My Little Pony Land Edit

The Forth Section Of The Park based on Hasbro's My Little Pony franchise and an animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It's mostly aimed young female guest with families. ThemeMy Little Pony


My Little Pony: Twilight's Magical Adventure - a flying dark ride. Map info: Take on a magical fantasy adventure through the world of Equestria with Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Applejack, and learn the true meanings of friendship. ThemeMy Little PonyHeight restriction: 34” Opened:August 21, 2013.

Ponyville Schoolhouse - a children's playground. Map info: Play and explore around the schoolhouse in PonyvilleThemeMy Little Pony Opened:August 21, 2013.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders Treehouse - a treehouse-style play area for younger guests. Map info: You're invited to enter inside the fun-filled interacative treehouse play areaThemeMy Little Pony Opened:August 21, 2013.

Rarity's Carousel Boutique Models - a carousel ride located on top of an actual Carousel Boutique store. Map info: Ride around onto Rarity's models on top of her Carousel BoutiqueThemeMy Little Pony Opened:August 21, 2013.

Fluttershy's Cabin - a walkthrough attraction themed around the house of Fluttershy in My Little PonyMap info: Enter inside Fluttershy's home. ThemeMy Little Pony Opened:August 21, 2013.

Rainbow Dash's Awsome Cloud Flight - a family flying rollercoaster which guests can ride around My Little Pony Land. Map info: Take on an awsome flight through the clouds in the sky with Rainbow Dash. ThemeMy Little PonyHeight restriction: 35" Opened:August 21, 2013.

Pinkie Pie's Cupcake Party - a spinning teacup attraction. Map info: Join the party to have a fun twisting ride on Pinkie Pie's cupcakesThemeMy Little Pony. Opened:August 21, 2013.

Pinkie Pie's Party Picnic - a birthday party picinc area that can be located nearby Pinkie Pie's Sugarcube Corner.  Map info: Are you looking foward to your birthday celebration? Well, you're invited to come and celebrate at the picnic. ThemeMy Little Pony. Opened:August 21, 2013.

Applejack's Sweet Apple Acres Hoedown! - an interactive musical dance show which allows young guests, age 4-10, to join Applejack for the square dance with popular songs in My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicMap info: Watch what happens when there's a fun jamboree party going on at the Apple AcresThemeMy Little Pony Opened:August 21, 2013.


Ponyville Market Shop - a gift shop which sells the offical My Little Pony-related merchidise. ThemeMy Little Pony

Carousel Boutique - an actual boutique store themed to a fictional store of the same name in My Little PonyThemeMy Little Pony

Snacks & drinks

Pinkie Pie's Sugarcube Corner - an interactive candy and snack store. ThemeMy Little Pony

Apple Acres - a snack stand based on a fictional farm from My Little Pony which sells apple goods. ThemeMy Little Pony


My Little Pony characters: Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Spike the baby dragon

Jurassic Park Edit

An Area inspired by Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster film franchise of the same name. Theme: Jurassic Park franchise and dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures


Jurassic Park: River Adventure- a flume water ride. Map info: Hop on a boat for a thrilling water plunging ending after you encounter dinosaurs and face with the hungry T-rex. Theme: Jurassic ParkHeight restriction: 42” Opened:June 24,2003.

T-Rex Rampage! – a wooden rollercoaster themed to T-rex. Map info: Feel the fury of the king of the dinos! Theme: Tyrannosaurus Rex. Height restriction: 43". Opeining date: June 24, 2003.

De-Extinction: True Story - an interactive and educational show which talks about how and why is De-Extinction (bringing back extinct species) good for both environment and people, and it also explains what is De-Extinction and how it works.Opeining date: June 24,2003.

Jurassic Park: The Flying Dinosaur- A B&M Flying Coaster Like The One At Universal Studios Japan And Themed To Jurassic Park Opened : May 20th 2015.

Jurassic Park Discovery Centrer – an indoor interactive attraction. Map info: Learn more about those amazing prehistoric creatures in the interactive centre. ThemeJurassic Park and dinosaurs and prehistoric life Opened:June 24,2003.

Pteranodon Flight – a kid-sized flying rollercoaster. Map info: Fly with the pteranodons around Jurassic Park. Theme: Pteranodon. Height restriction:  36’’-56’’Opened:June 24,2003.

Dinosaurs Encounter – a meet-n-greet with costumed and animatronic Jurassic Park  dinosaurs. Map info: Want to get a close up with dinosaurs?. Theme: Jurassic Park Opened:June 24,2003.


Dinostore – a gift shop located at Jurassic Park Discovery Centre which sells dinosaur-themed merchandise such as toys, books, apparel, fossil replicas, clothing, etc. Theme:  dinosaurs

Jurassic Souvenirs - a store located at the exit of Jurassic Park ride which sell official Jurassic Park-related merchandise such as toys, hats, apparel, adventure gear, beach towels, clothing, etc. Theme: Jurassic Park 


Pizzasaurus - an outdoor pizzeria restaurant.

The Burger Digs – a restaurant located at Jurassic Park Discovery Center which serves hamburgers, chicken, sandwiches, etc.

Thunder Falls Terrace – a restaurant which serves rotisserie chicken, BBQ ribs, turkey legs, salads, etc.

Snacks & drinks

Jurassic Treats – a snack stand.


JP dinosaurs: Raptor, T-Rex, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, Spinosaurus and Indominus rex (at Dinosaurs Encounter)

Acres of Monsters Edit

A Sub- Area in The Jurassic Park. section consisits of two rides based on the MonsterVersemovie franchise and only one attraction based on Peter Jackson's King Kong film. Theme: King Kong and Godzilla. Opening date: May 15, 2018.


Skull Island: Reign of Kong – a 3D dark/simulator ride which in this version is based on the 2017 movie Kong: Skull IslandMap info: Board inside the safari truck to journey through the exotic Skull Island facing many creatures of the island, including King Kong himself. Theme: Kong: Skull IslandHeight restriction: 36” Opened: May 18,2018.

Godzilla 360 4D - a 3D motion based simulator ride based on Godzilla. Sponsored by: Toyota. Map info: Beware of the giant King of Monsters itself that ever gone loose around the city. Theme: Godzilla. Height restriction: 40”Opened: March 22 2019.


Skull Island Souvenirs – a gift store which sells King Kong-themed merchandise. Theme: King Kong

Godzilla's Kamikaze - a gift shop which sells Kaiju-themed merchandise, like posters, action figures and others. Theme: Godzilla and other Kaiju


Skull Island Grill – a restaurant. Theme: King Kong

Godzilla Cafe- TPA

Toon Lagoon Edit

The Fifth section Of Universal's Island's Of Adventure Carolina., which focuses on old  cartoons.


    • Cartoon Star Wheel - a giant ferris wheel features 25 cars named after the famouse cartoon characters. Map Info: TBA. Theme: TBA. Universal Express available?: Yes. Attraction type: TBA Opened:June 24,2003.
    • Me Ship, the Olive - TBA. Map Info: TBA. Theme: Popeye. Universal Express available?: No. Attraction type: playground Opened:June 24,2003.
    • Popeye's River Rescue - a river rapid water ride featuring Popeye. Map Info: Brave though the water rapids with Popeye. Theme: Popey. Height restriction: 42". Universal Express available?: Yes. Attraction type: river rapid water ride Universal Express available?: Yes Opened:June 24,2003.
    • Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls - a log flume ride based on Jay Ward's 1960s cartoon. Map Info: Hop on the log to take a wacky plunge at the end. Theme: TBA. Height restriction: 44". Universal Express available?: Yes. Attraction type: log-flume water ride Universal Express available?: Yes Opened:June 24,2003.
    • Felix the Cat House - a walkthrough attraction themed around the home of Felix the Cat, similar to Mickey's House and Minnie's House. Map Info: Righty-O! Venture through the tour atound the house, home to everyone's favorite feline, Felix the Cat. Theme: Felix the Cat. Universal Express available?: No. Attraction type: walkthrough attraction Opened:June 24,2003.

 Garfield/Odie Coaster - a indoor twin dulling wild mouse roller coaster themed to Garfield and Odie. Map info: Ride TBA. Height restriction: 48". Theme: Garfield and Odie Opened:June 24,2003.

    • (Please add more attractions, if you like)
      • Stores
        • Wossamotta-U
        • Toon Extra
        • Betty Boop Store
        • Smurf Stuff
        • Say Cheese! Photo Shop
        • Garfled Store.
          • Restaurants
            • Popeye's Spinach Place - a restaurant which is focused on Popeye's favourite dish, spinach.
            • Cartoon Comic Strip Cafe. -TBA
            • Blondie's: Home Of The Dagwood- TPA.
              • Snacks & Drinks

Cathey's Ice Cream.-TPA.         

    • Meet-n-Greet Characters
      • Popeye, Olive Oyl, and Bluto
      • Betty Boop
      • Garfield & Odie
      • (You Can Add More Meet n Greet.)

Marvel Super Hero Island  Edit

The Sixth Area inspired by Marvel Superheroes and Supervillains Theme: Marvel franchise.


Iron Man Experience A 3D Motion Simulator Dark ride based on Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 Opened:Opened:June 24,2003. (It was closed in 2015 to make it renovated in 2017 for 2 years of Hard Work)

The Incredible Hulk A launched rollercoaster and another shared ride from the Universal Orlando park. Opened:June 24,2003. Map Info: TPA.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: State of The Ant Union - An floorless wing coaster featuring the characters of the upcoming 2018 movie. Opened: July 6 2018.

Thor: Battle of Earth - An Wild Mouse roller coaster featuring the almighty hero himself and based on Thor, Thor: The Dark World and the upcoming Thor Ragnarok Opened: November 2 2017.

Doctor Doom's Fear Fall. - A S&S Space Shot Drop Tower. Themed To Dr Doom. Opened:Opened:June 24,2003.

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man - a 3D motion based dark ride based on Marvel's Spiderman.  Map info: Help Spiderman Defeat The Sinster 6. Sponsored by: TBA. Theme: Spiderman. Opened:June 24,2003.

Kingpin's Arcade - An Interactive Arcade/ Center. Map Info: The Kingpin (aka The Brainwasher, aka Wilson Grant Fisk) may not have any superhuman powers of his own, but with his 400-plus pound bulk and network of underworld thugs, he runs the mob with an iron fist. But he can't keep you from beating his machines. Show the vile villain he’s met his match by conquering his exciting arcade and video games, from high-speed driving simulations to thrilling shoot-em-ups.

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT - A Accelerated Drop Tower dark ride loosely based on Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2, Opened: May 5th 2017.

Doctor Strange: Hope Not Lost - A dark ride based on the 2016 film of the same name that has guests join Doctor Strange in defeating Kaecilius. Opened: November 4th 2016.

Spider-Man and Black Panther: Heroes In Action - A hyper wing dive coaster featuring the characters of the 2017 and 2018 movies Opening Date: February 16 2018.

Captain America: Battle Frontier - An steel hyper coaster featuring Captain America and based on the 2016 movie Captain America: Civil War. Opening Date: July 4th 2004.

Storm Force Acceleration - a Teacups Ride themed to Storm and the X-Men Villain Magneto. Opening Date: June 24 2003.


The Spider-Man Store - TPA This Is Located At The Exit Of The  The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

Marvel Atlanateurese Store. - TPA.  

Comic Book Shop. - TPA  

Iron Man Gear - TPA.  

The Hulk Store - TPA.


Captain America Dinner- TPA  

Cafe 4-TPA

Snacks & Drinks


Meet-n-Greet Characters

Marvel Super Hero's - TPA.

Sega: Green Hill Zone City  Edit

The Seventh Area At Islands Of Adventure Kentucky based on the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series 


Sonic Adventure - a 3D simulator/dark ride similar to Transformers: The Ride and The Amazing Adventure of Spider-Man, but based on The 1998 Sonic Video  Game For Dreamcast Called Sonic Adventure Map info: TPA. Theme: Sonic The Hedgehog. Height restriction:40”. Opeining date: June 24,2003.

Tails' Flying Planes- A Dumbo like ride based on Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog Theme: Sonic the Hedgehog Opeining date: June 24,2003. Map Info: TPA 

Amy's Hammer Swings- A Spinning ride Similar To Storm Force Accelatron based on Amy from Sonic the Hedgehog Theme: Amy from Sonic the Hedgehog Opeining date: June 24,2003. Hight Requirement : 48. Map Info: TPA 

Knuckles' Feats of Stregths- A feat of stregth game base based on Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog Theme: Sonic the Hedgehog Opeining date: June 24,2003. Map Info: TPA 

Shadow the Hedgehog- A B&M Floorless coaster that is similar to Kraken from Sea World Orlando, but is Black And Red instead of Blue And Light Yellow. And it's based on Shadow from Sonic the Hedgehog Theme: Shadow from Sonic the Hedgehog Opeining date: June 24,2003.Map Info: TPA 

Choatix Freefall Tower- A S&S Space Shot tower based on Team Choatix from Sonic the Hedgehog Opeining date: June 24,2003. Map Info: TPA..  


        • SEGA World- Sonic the Hedgehog themed store


        • Sonic's Chili Dogs- A quick service hot-dog resturant 
        • Cafe SEGA. 

Snacks and drinks

        • Amy's Sweets- A cookie shop themed around Amy from Sonic the Hedgehog Theme: Sonic the Hedgehog


        • Sonic,Tails,Knuckles,Shadow,Amy Rose,Rouge the Bat and Espio the Chamelon

Super Nintendo World Edit

An Expanded version of Super Nintendo World which has Attractions based on the Following Games. "Pokémon", "Animal Crossing", and "Splatoon"

Pokémon World's.

        • Atractttion's

Trainer Studio - a small stand where visitors can create their own Trainer ID before getting on Pokemon Adventure. Map info: - Become a Pokémon trainer as you can customize your very own Trainer ID on you mobile devices before capturing any Pokémon during your safari trip. Pikachu’s FunZone – a playground for kids hosted by Pikachu. Map info: Play and explore around Pikachu's fun-filled playground! Theme: Pokémon Map Info:

 Warp Pipe Express - an underground subway-alike people mover which takes guests from Universal's Islands of Adventure Williamsburg to Universal Studios Williamsburg, similar to Hogwarts Express. Map Info:

        • Flying Pikachu - A Dumbo-like ride based on Pikachu. Theme: Pikachu 
        • Arceus and the Jewel of Life 4D - A 4D trackless ride based on the 2009 Pokémon film. Height restriction: 44” 
          • Temple of the Sea Fume - A log fume ride based on the 2006 animated feature. Height restriction: 45” 
          • Pokemon Go: The Battle Experiance - A Perry the Platypus World Adventure-like attraction that takes you throughout the Tooniversal to battle legendary Pokémon. 
          • Pokemon Sun and Moon: The Dual Coaster - A B&M dueling Wing coaster featuring the characters of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Map Info: Choose either Solgaleo or Lunala for the dueling rollercoaster experience. Height restriction: 46"

Pokémon Adventure - An interactive safari ride with animatronic Pokémon that should be caught, on guests mobile devices if they got their Trainer ID, to proceed.

        • Pikachu's Dashing Coaster - a junior rollercoaster located within Pikachu's FunZone. Map info: Aboard on a Pikachu coaster for a quick-dashing ride. Theme: Pikachu Height restriction: 38"

Pikachu's Dashing Coaster - a junior rollercoaster located within Pikachu's FunZone. Map info: Aboard on a Pikachu coaster for a quick-dashing ride.

Mudkip's Splash Zone - a water playground for smaller children, loacted within Pikachu's FunZone. Map info: Get splashed your way with the Mudkips. Theme: Mudkip

Pokémon XYZ: Kalos League War 3D - A 3D Motion-Based Dark ride based on Pokémon XYZ. Based on the last 16 episodes of the XY saga, the ride has guests join Ash & his friends in fighting off Team Flare. Map Info:

Pokémon Encounter - a meet-n-greet attraction featuring the life-sized animatronic Pokémon creatures, a similar concept to a Raptor Encounter. Map info: Gotta meet 'em all! Your favorite Pokemon creatures are sight to be meet you. Theme: Pokémon

Rage of Rayquaza - a hyper rollercoaster themed after the 3rd-Gen Pokémon games. Map info: Hoad on a Rayquaza for the rollercoaster flight. Theme: Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.

Ecruteak City Tower Duel - two falling towers dedicated to the Legendary Pokémon of the Johto Region. Map Info: Don't your rivals win as you either choose Lugia or Ho-Oh for the dueling drop. Height restriction: 48". Theme: Lugia & Ho-Oh

        • Stores

Pokémon Center - a gift store which sell Pokémon-exclusive merchandise. Theme: Pokémon


Pokécafé – a restaurant which serves mostly Japanese and American cuisine. ThemePokémon


Pokémon creatures: Charizard, Mewtwo, Blaziken, Gardevoir, Meowth, etc. (at Pokémon Encounter)

Pikachu (at Pikachu’s FunZone)


        • Attractions

Splatoon: Battle Frontier: ​An indoor laser tag-type ride based on Splatoon where guests fight each other in teams in a Splatoon battle in front of a crowd of people Opening Date: August 15 2017.

The Squid Sisters Live – an outdoor rave dance party performance occurs every weekend nights, and hosted by the Squid Sisters, Callie and Marie, from Splatoon, in the use of holographic technology

        • Octo Valley Mission - a 3D interactive shooting gallery dark ride. Map info: Sport your "Squid-Vision" glasses for your mission to splat all the minions of Octarians and Octolings, and defeat the evil DJ Octavio. Height restriction: 47".Theme: SplatoonUniversal Express available?: Yes

Inkopolis Arcade - An outdoor arcade area TBA

        • Stores

Booyah Base – a replica mall-like marketplace themed to a fictional store from Splatoon of the same name, which contains the series of four gift stores that sells Splatoon and other Nintendo-exclusive merchandise. The stores, that’re inspired from the game, includes Ammo Knights, which sells toys, water guns and games, Cooler Heads, which only sells hats and other headwears, Shrimp Kicks, which only sells shoes and other footwears, and Jelly Fresh, which only sells clothing/apparel. Theme: Splatoon


Callie and Marie's Sushi Bar - a sushi restaurant located near the building where The Squid Sisters Live is located in.

Inkopolis Snack Bar – a snack stand with its own snack venting machines.


Splatoon characters: Inkling boy and girl, Capt’n Cuttlefish, The Squid Sisters (Callie and Marie), Sheldon, Annie and Moe, Crusty, Judd, and Jelonzo

Animal Crossing.

        • Attractions

The Town Museum - a small museum run by the owl siblings Blathers and Celeste which showcases artifacts of Nintendo's history.

K.K. Slider Live! - a late-night show where a holographic K.K. Slider is shown, singing a variety of pop songs in his vocals!

The Bug and Fish Tourney - an interactive attraction where guests must catch some fish and bugs

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer - An interactive 4D dark ride based on Animal Crossing


Nook's Cranny - a gift shop which sells mostly video game merchandise.

Crazy Redd's - another gift shop which sells also video game merchandise, but Universal Parks-themed merchandise as well.

Able Sisters - a fashion store which sells Nintendo-themed clothing.


The Roost - a small cafeteria.


Villager (male and female), Isabelle, Tom Nook, Tortimer, K.K. Slider and

Events Edit

        • Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear - A nightly Halloween celebration with various horror themed attractions, full of actors who sneak up on unsuspected guests, and scare them with chainsaws or loud screaming. The Scarezone's and house's . scheduled for this year are.
          1. TPA You Can Add Some.

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