Universal's Islands of Adventure Philadelphia is a theme park located right next to Universal Studios Pennsylvania that opened in June 5, 2006 as part of the 10th Anniversary Celebration.


  • Port of Entry - Main Entrance of the park
  • DC Nation - Themed to DC Comics
  • Literature Zone - Three sub-areas based on children's books
    • Schoolasticland- Themed to Scholastic books such as Clifford the Big Red Dog, The Magic School Bus, Franklin, Captain Underpants etc.
    • The Story World of Eric Carle - Themed to Eric Carle books such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar
    • Seuss Landing- Themed to Dr. Seuss books
  • PBS Kids Island of Fun - Themed to PBS Kids shows
  • Cartooniversal Philadelphia
    • Timeless Lagoon- Themed to old cartoons 
    • Nickelodeon Silme City - Themed to Nickelodeon shows
    • Cartoon Network Central- Themed to Cartoon Network shows
    • The Game Zone - Themed to games from Nintendo, Sega, PopCap, ROBLOX and Bandi Namco

Attractions, parades, resturants, and shopsEdit

Port of EntryEdit

  • Choose your Own Adventure



  • Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear - A nightly Halloween celebration with various horror themed attractions, full of actors who sneak up on unsuspected guests, and scare them with chainsaws or loud screaming. The Scarezone's and house's . scheduled for this year are.
  1. Port Of Evil
  2. Darkest Night /Black Hand
  3. Trick R Treat
  4. Micheal Jackson and the Evil Takeover
  5. Alien: Covenant 
  6. Nickelodeon Under Siege/Maximum Plankton/ Plankton's Mix And Mingle. Note: Same Like The Universal Studios Williamsburg's HHN Version.
  7. Boo-Ville
  8. Boo-land Located At Schoolasticland.
  9. Treat And Foons.
  10. Tosixc City.
  11. Hide And Shreeek!.
  12. TPA You Can Add More..