Theme Parks

  1. Universal Studios Japan (Hollywood Has Universal Studios Motion Picture Magic Hosted By Steven Spielberg, Stage 22 Is Also Known As Soundstage 22: Hollywood Behind The Scenes, MBS TV and Television Production Tour, Universal Studios Japan Production Backlot Tour Is Also Known As Universal Studios Japan Production Backlot Tram Tour , Stage28 Is Also Known As Soundstage28, Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted By Steven Spielberg and Hollywood Dream: The Ride and BACKDRO: Hollywood Dream: The Ride (Hollywood Dream: The Ride and and The Old West Themed Area Has One Is the Animal Actors Stage (Universal Studios Japan) and The Lagoon Has A Nightime Hollywood Spectacular Called “Hollywood Magic” (Universal Studios Japan))
  2. Universal Studios Islands Of Magic (Also Known As Islands Of Magic and Soon To Be Rename Itself Into Universal's Islands Of Magic)

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